Lily | Five Months

>> Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sweet Lily Belle (or as her sisters have started calling her, "Baby Belle").

I feel like she has become particularly active over this last month.  Really showing personality and preferences, which is loads of fun for us to learn about her.  And I swear she said "Hi" and also danced to music on Thursday.  She loves music way more than Georgia or Phoenix did (and they loved it quite a bit).  She still doesn't usually care for tummy time, but since she rolls both ways, she can usually find her way out of it ;)

She was not feeling picture day at all.

Many thanks to Nana for getting some smiles.

Her lips slay me.

Studying her new blanket.

We love her sweet little self so much.

And just because, here's my peanut butter face kid.... :)


Back in December

>> Saturday, May 20, 2017

Almost every post on this blog has been about Lily.  So today, I thought we could go back to December for a minute, before she was born.  Especially since I found some cute pictures of the girls I hadn't touched yet :)

I was craving a doughnut and decided to take Georgia and Phe to Dunkin Donuts.  It was a particularly gorgeous and windy day, so we ate our doughnuts outside.

I sometimes miss the days before Lily.  I also sometimes miss the days before Phoenix!  But it's amazing how I can love the days I'm in, and miss those days at the same time.  I would never wish I didn't have Phe, or didn't have Lily... I just wish I could've bottled up those sweet times so I'd be able to revisit them now.  That's when I'm SO grateful for pictures and videos.

They have added so much to my life... I am just so grateful God saw fit to make me their mother.
I look at them and really can't believe they're my daughters.

Well, sometimes I can ;)

This season has been so hard on her.  She's confused, but doesn't know what she's confused about.  I mean, I'm confused a lot of times!  Our life is so turned upside down right now.  And I'm trying so hard to be what she needs.  To be what all three of these girls need.  Sometimes I start to feel like I'm not enough, and then I remember... I'm not.  But God is, and He is gracious, and He carries us.  Through my weak moments, I look to Him, and He is there.

I've been coming back to Psalm 28:7 -
"The Lord is my strength and my shield; in Him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to Him."

When I am weak, He is always strong.  He is how and why I am able to continue pressing on each day.

She heard an airplane ;)

Whatever your hurdle is right now, whatever crazy situation you're in, whatever hardship you're facing... turn to Jesus.  He will be your strength, and He will carry you.


Lily's Blanket

>> Thursday, May 18, 2017

Just a few days before Lily turned 4 months old, I finally finished her baby blanket!  About time, right?

When I landed on this pattern for her blanket, I really loved it.  The chart is easy to memorize, not complicated, and turns out beautifully!  But about a third of the way through, I was really not liking it.  I didn't even want to touch it.  I'm sure it was a mix of hormones, and life being crazy... but it was weird.

I finally made myself pick it back up, and then wondered why I ever stopped.

I'm so happy with the outcome.  The pattern, the size, the yarn.  I hope Lily loves it as well.

You can find the pattern - along with my project info - on my Ravelry page, here!

I know people usually say to alternate skeins fairly often when working with hand-dyed yarn, but for most projects, I actually like the way it knits up one skein at a time.

I really can't get over how beautiful this colorway is!
I might have to make a Half-Sized Hippo with my leftover yarn :)


Lily | Four Months

>> Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I typed 'Four Months' and thought "Wait, is that right?"
She grows and matures right before our eyes every day!

She loves playing with toys, and I have a feeling she'll be crawling before too long.  She certainly wants to keep up with her big sisters!  She's a major chatter box and loves having conversations (mostly consisting of baby yells and squeals).

I finally got her blanket finished - woohoo!  I'll be post more about it soon.

This face cracked me up!!