Lily | Three Months

>> Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Somehow, another month has flown by.
I feel like we're doing better with her tummy issues, but she still spits up a lot.
Despite that, she is such a happy baby.  Even when she's in pain, she wants to smile.  Nana was making her smile while she was crying last night (she sure loves her Nana).

^ this face reminds me of Georgia.

I love her belly button.

Little Lovey.


Phoenix wanted Lily to smell her flowers.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...

Phoenix is now 2.5 years old.
She is a fireball and so much fun.

Georgia is 4.5 and really starting to show us how smart she is.
It's so fun to watch your children learn and see their imagination blossom.

Papa got this puppy for her a couple years ago at a fire truck show.
She loves her Domino Puppy.


I Miss Coffee

>> Thursday, March 30, 2017

When Lily was 6 days old I realized that she is sensitive to caffeine.  I had consumed a large iced tea that day, and she had terrible tummy troubles that night.  But cutting out caffeine didn't solve her tummy troubles completely.

It's been a long 10 weeks trying to figure out what is bothering my sweet girl, but I think we're about there.  I know for sure that caffeine, berries, and soda bother her.  Possibly gluten and bananas.

I went dairy free at first because I couldn't have any dairy for the first 6 months of breastfeeding Phoenix. Then when Lily just kept having issues, I talked with my midwife and decided to cut out almost everything, and add things back in one at a time to test them.  I cut out dairy, gluten, soy, potatoes, egg, corn, heavy greens, tomatoes, and beans.  I basically ate chicken and rice for a week.  Then I gradually tried things.  Dairy was the first thing, and she didn't have any problems!  That was super awesome.  Then I've tried everything else except gluten.

We figured out berries because I had been having a smoothie almost every day since she was born.  They've all had some kind of berry in it, and bananas (I haven't tried a banana again yet).  We decided it was likely berries, so I stopped having smoothies or berries.  Then I completely spaced one day and had strawberries on my salad.  She was a mess that evening.  That's when we confirmed berries are a no-no.

I've been trying to get a probiotic in her to see if that helps her general tummy troubles, but she is VERY insistent on NOT taking a bottle.  You would think I was trying to feed her a cactus.  So we haven't tried that in about a week.  Just the other night she finally took a paci again, so I'm hopeful that she continues with that, and gets more comfortable with the idea of a bottle.  Not even just for convenience, but in case of an emergency!

So there's our breastfeeding journey so far.  This has definitely been the most difficult one.  Georgia was only sensitive to soda (which I can totally do without), and Phe was only sensitive to dairy (which was difficult, but only one thing, and doable).  I really do feel like the hardest parts of this one have been not being able to figure out and completely solve our issues, and not having coffee!  I tried decaf again... and no.  Just no.  *insert grossed out face here*

I really miss coffee.  But it breaks my heart far more to have my baby dealing with all of this.  And this isn't even that bad when I consider what other people go through with their little ones.  Friends of ours have a sweet little girl about 6 weeks older than Lily who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma earlier this month.  It shouldn't take things like that to remind me to be grateful for the many ways God has blessed me.  (please pray for them and follow their journey here)

And here are some of my most amazing blessings...

Phe and Lily :D

Phoenix and Georgia with their cousins (my brother's sons) at the park this week.
Love these kiddos so much!


Lily | Two Months

>> Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wow.  How on earth has another month gone by?  And so quickly.

This little girl is such a joy.  As long as her tummy isn't bothering her and she's not hungry, she is SO happy.  She looooves interaction and being near people.  Our little sunshine.