Lily | Five Months

>> Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sweet Lily Belle (or as her sisters have started calling her, "Baby Belle").

I feel like she has become particularly active over this last month.  Really showing personality and preferences, which is loads of fun for us to learn about her.  And I swear she said "Hi" and also danced to music on Thursday.  She loves music way more than Georgia or Phoenix did (and they loved it quite a bit).  She still doesn't usually care for tummy time, but since she rolls both ways, she can usually find her way out of it ;)

She was not feeling picture day at all.

Many thanks to Nana for getting some smiles.

Her lips slay me.

Studying her new blanket.

We love her sweet little self so much.

And just because, here's my peanut butter face kid.... :)

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